High Impact BI Solution for Fortune 100 Company

TechlogixHigh Impact BI Solution for Fortune 100 Company

Project details

Our customer, the Financial Services subsidiary of large Fortune 100 company, was faced with the need to integrate its decision making across multiple systems, geographies, product offerings, acquired loan portfolios etc. Having grown over the previous decade to becoming a major profit engine for the entire enterprise, the Financial Services arm was now tasked with increasing incremental profitability and reducing risk across its entire portfolio.

One result of the enormous diversity of operations and systems was the absence of shared data infrastructure which could be used for analysis and decision making. The company decided that it needed to invest in a multi-year Data Warehousing initiative to create this foundation which would also act as an integration point for reporting on any future loan portfolio acquisitions.

Techlogix was tasked to assist on all aspects of the Data Warehouse including Architecture and Data Modeling, data extraction and loading and reporting and analytics.

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