Application Modernization for FortisBC

TechlogixApplication Modernization for FortisBC

Project details

FortisBC Inc. is a fully integrated electric utility in south eastern British Columbia, Canada, serving approximately 120,000 customers. FortisBC is committed to energizing British Columbia. But its decade-old customer information system wasn’t energized enough to keep up with changing business demands. The 24/7 billing system used by customer service was out of warranty and needed a language, interface and database update. The system had proven functionality worth preserving. Replacing it could have cost tens of millions of dollars.


By leveraging a team of onsite, nearshore and offshore developers from Techlogix, FortisBC was able to extend the system’s life at a fraction of the cost of a system replacement. The modernization, based on webMethods technology, has “re-energized” the application, making it more reliable, easier to support, more secure and accessible to mobile users. For the first time in a long time, IT has a system it can easily enhance—for example, by streamlining processes—to deliver greater value to the business.

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