Mobile Banking for United Bank

TechlogixMobile Banking for United Bank

Project details

United Bank Limited (UBL) is the third largest commercial bank in Pakistan with over 1 million customers serviced from more than 1,000 branches across the country.

The Challenge

UBL wanted to tap into the explosive growth in mobile communications in Pakistan as a vehicle for expanding both its account base and increase transactional volume.

The Solution:

Orion, the brand name for the UBL mobile wallet solution, combines the use of mobile phones as a payment mechanism and pre–‐paid bank accounts as a mechanism for storing money. What was unique about Orion was that no bank account is required up front to participate in the Orion ecosystem and receive funds. The Orion solution consists of an SMS and IVR based solution for direct customer access and Orion Agent, a web based application for call center support. This served as a base for extending Orion to a full commercial launch by UBL. Some of the salient features facilitated by Orion system through SMS:

  • Send money to another Orion Account
  • Request for money from another Orion account holder
  • Mobile Bill Payment
  • View and Pay Utility Bills
  • Transfer money between an Orion Account and an ordinary UBL account
  • Buy voucher
  • Money transfer to a branch
  • Cash deposit to Orion account
  • Check Orion Account Balance

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