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Techlogix has deep expertise in designing and implementing integration strategies for our customers to enable them to reap the benefits of data synchronization…to functional application integration…to seamless and secure business-process integration and optimization.

The reliance on multiple software applications to provide critical business services has created silos of information that ideally should be readily shareable across applications and business stakeholders. Today’s intensely competitive business environment necessitates that enterprises focus more on strategic initiatives that grow business rather than on fixing inefficient ‘plumbing’. A seamlessly connected enterprise can concentrate on what matters – new business initiatives, enhancing customer experience, and maximizing the value of M&A – as well as to be more efficient and reduce costs.

For over a decade, we have delivered large-scale, complex, cutting-edge integration solutions in several industries. We use the most appropriate tools and techniques – from Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), through Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Complex Event Processing (CEP), and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

With Techlogix, you will receive the unique value of the best solutions, the most effective remedies, and smooth integration.That’s because our service offerings are based on new-generation solutions, frameworks and methodologies, bolstered by industry best practices and extensive knowledge repositories.

The Integration Services we offer include:

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