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Transforming the University into a high performance organization requires world class transactional and process delivery platforms. Campus on Cloud, our transformational Campus Management Solution helps both public and private universities adopt transparent, proven business processes. With solution delivery experience in ten countries, Campus on Cloud is locally tailored and informed by global best practices. The integrated Analytics platform included with Campus on Cloud provides university administrators novel insights into their core operations. The mobile app for Campus on Cloud enables the university in providing an interactive channel that fits student lifestyles and expectations.

Implementing Integrated Solutions in the Academic Environment

Most Universities grapple with the buy versus build debate. The realization that the core competence of higher education institution lies in teaching and research, and not software development, is the most compelling argument in favor of the buy option. Once the decision is taken, the next step is to replace legacy systems that, more often than not, have the following shortcomings:

  • Not integrated
  • Not robust
  • Not scalable
  • Not well supported and documented (particularly the home-grown variety)
  • Not secure (a major limitation)

Implementing Campus on Cloud offers the following advantages:

  • Consistent data view across different functions in the University; something that disparate, disconnected systems never provide;
  • Web-based solution offering extensive self-service facilities means that students, faculty and staff have access to pertinent information at any time or place;
  • Robust, secure, scalable and extensible solution offer flexibility and growth;
  • Reduction in administrative overhead by leveraging technology. The ensuing savings can be reallocated to other areas.

Techlogix and the Higher Education Vertical

Techlogix is a leading regional provider of the solutions the for Higher Education Sector in the region:

  • Campus on Cloud: our fully integrated cloud based Campus Management solution offering best in class features in a highly secure solution with a stunning user interface
  • Sakai and Moodle Learning Management System integrated with Campus on Cloud
  • Unitime Timetabling Solution

Our consultants, with extensive domain knowledge and experience about the business processes unique to colleges and universities, ascertain the specific needs of the client and then use our proprietary CSX Methodology to deliver an optimal solution.

Campus on Cloud

Campus on Cloud (CoC), is a Campus Management System for Universities and other Higher Education Institutions. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. CoC delivers rich functionality in a highly secure solution with a stunning user interface. Covering the complete student lifecycle, CoC automates the Admissions, Academics and Finance operations across all campuses, schools, departments and programs of the Institute.

Engineered by a team experienced in 25 university implementations across 10 countries, CoC transforms the Higher Education landscape by integrating Higher Education specific business processes and analytics in a cloud solution delivered on desktop and mobile.

Campus on Cloud consists of five integrated modules.



Core is the backbone of a highly configurable Campus Management solution. The Core module manages the Administrative and Academic hierarchy of the University and allows the definition of campuses, schools, departments, programs and the specializations being offered. The Core also allows management of terms and sessions and the academic calendar. A centralized Policy Control Panel lets the university tailor the rules for Admissions, Financials, Enrolment, Grading and others at all levels in the administrative and academic hierarchy.

A configurable security framework ensures access of functions and data is restricted to specific defined user roles.


CoC offers a customizable Online Admissions Application and also supports paper based application processes. The Applicant Portal enables the tracking and management of applications for both online and paper based applicants.

CoC understands the Admissions process is unique to almost every university. CoC allows the University to configure the generation of selection and merit lists as required through an exhaustive set of criteria for evaluating applications. The admissions workflow across various stakeholders within the University can also be configured and changed by the University and the workflow can be different across programs, departments etc. to address their specific needs. Offer letters are generated by the system, if required.  Applicants are able to accept or reject the offers and pay the admission fee online.


CoC Academics spans the functions of the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations offices.

To assist start of the term, CoC supports setting up the course curriculum, offering courses in multiple departments and scheduling classes, faculty and exams in a given term. Students can be enrolled into classes administratively and via self-service through the Student Portal. Students can add, drop or swap a course to manage their academic load and the appropriate controls and approval workflows can be configured as required.

Instructors track attendance and grade assignments, quizzes and exams through the Faculty Portal as part of the mid of term operations.

To conclude the term, CoC facilitates the Registrar or other delegated office in approving and finalizing grades, validating repeats, generating transcripts and processing graduating students. Faculty can also be evaluated by students.


CoC provides a single source for students’ academic and financial data. It tracks all the financial transactions during a student’s life cycle at the university. CoC Financials covers:

  • Setup and Processing of Application, Admission and Tuition Fees
  • Award and Disbursal of Financial Aid, Waivers and Scholarships
  • Collections of Payments, Dues and Age Analysis

The Student Portal lets the students view their account statement, view their bills, pay the dues online and request deferrals and installments plans.

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