CSX Methodology

TechlogixCSX Methodology

Techlogix appreciates that effective solutions cannot be delivered without ensuring the harmonious melding of people, processes and technology. Techlogix developed the CSX methodology over 3 years of delivering PeopleSoft Campus Solutions in ten universities. CSX consists of a set of templates, best practices and metrics that have repeatedly delivered breakthrough project performance that have been validated and customized in real life implementations. The methodology has been tuned for a variety of university types (public, private, large general, small focused etc.). CSX is an eight stage process for governing the solution lifecycle. It is based on PMI principles but heavily customized for implementing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

The methodology components include:

  • Project Governance methodology
  • Effort Estimation Model
  • Detailed description of activities, roles and outputs of each stage
  • Artifacts and templates for all deliverables including Requirements Document, Solution Design, Master Data capture and Test Scenarios
  • Project team resource requirements (both University and Techlogix)
  • Enabling tools (document repository, issue and defect repository) Project progress and Solution usage metrics
  • Change Management methodology and templates


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