Identifying Criminals using Facial Recognition

TechlogixIdentifying Criminals using Facial Recognition

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A timely identification of individuals by law enforcement and counter terrorism officials is critical to the safety and security of facilities and general public. Hardened criminals either do not carry identifications or have stolen identifications. Some violators if not positively identified within certain time, such as a person arrested for disorderly conducted, must be released but he may be wanted for a crime in another jurisdiction.

Inmates in the custody of the Sheriff’s department must be positive identified every time they leave and enter the holding area. Many departments use finger prints as the way of positively identifying inmates, which is slow and requires inmates’ cooperation. The challenge becomes even more critical in the field when an intoxicated noncooperative person involved in a criminal act is investigated.

Quick screening of suspected terrorist at secured facilities such as airports, train stations and government buildings is also critical. So the ability of law enforcement officials to quickly identify such individuals and making timely decisions is extremely important. These result in solving crimes; simplify inmate bookings & release, securing key facilities, protecting general public, and expediting processes for the law abiding public. It is therefore imperative to use the tools and technologies now available, such as biometrics and mobile technologies, to help the law enforcement deal with criminals quickly and accurately.

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