Remote Patient Monitoring for Neutrino Medical

TechlogixRemote Patient Monitoring for Neutrino Medical

Project details

Neutrino RPM is an innovative way to connect patients with their healthcare providers to communicate periodic updates on their condition between visits. It includes a proprietary survey engine that generates a set of targeted questions customized to the specific history and condition of the patient. An easy to use mobile app, that is available for most Apple and Android smart phones and tablets, asks patients to respond to these questions from the comfort of their home.

The Neutrino engine inspects the information collected on patients’ symptoms on a daily basis and subsequently alerts the healthcare provider and/or the caregiver, if significant change in symptoms is noted. At the patient’s next visit, the doctor can pull this information in the patient’s dashboard and obtain an extremely rich and accurate picture of the patient’s condition since the last visit, resulting in a consistent monitoring and management of the patient.

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